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Are you a writer, storyteller, teacher, salesperson, animator, or someone who simply wants to find the best way to share your story? Are you looking for a supportive environment where you can explore new choices with the story that you have to tell? Do you think you have the words, but just need some time and space to play around with the words to develop and deliver them? Are you looking for that direct guidance to develop your ideas? If so, I am honored to be able to offer a coaching intensive designed specifically for you and /or your organization entitled:

Permission 2 Play: Using Community Coaching to Work with Story Development

Kevin Cordi, Phd., Author, Storyteller, EducatorOver the years I have coached hundreds and thousands of adults and students in finding their story. I have traveled to over 40 states, and as far as England, Scotland, and Japan to help present coaching and telling programs and intensives. I hold a Masters in “Storytelling and Education” and a doctorate studying the significance of “dramatic inquiry and narrative development” at The Ohio State University where I serve as the first ever “Academic Storyteller-in-Residence” for the university. My recent work is with the Multicultural Center coaching and assisting programs that promote equity and cultural understanding. For over 27 years as a professional storyteller and coach of stories I have seen a need in all fields to be able to tell your story. Your individual or company’s effort of telling a story can help promote your success.

Whether you are full time writer or simply someone who needs to speak to your company on a daily basis, story coaching or mediation will help improve not only your story, but your ability to compose and deliver additional addresses. After all, if you can’t tell your story or your business’s story, how can others speak to your work?

Dangler Radio Show, July 2008I have a diverse background in working with story and after twenty years I have found two elements in working with story to be essential: a willingness to take risks and a supportive community.

Drawing on my experience as a storytelling teacher, drama teacher, and most recently my doctoral work at The Ohio State University, we will employ a playful approach to working with story development. According to Vivian Paley (1990) play is the real work in children’s lives. This is the point where we shape, reshape, evaluate, and represent our stories. This is true in story development for adults. It is in our play where we experiment and refine our stories. In over 20 years I have found ways to play with our story that are not traditionally found in storytelling circles. We will work with each participant in new ways to see and experience their story. The story they choose will be one that they feel “needs work” or is not complete. The goal is to help participants fashion their story in new ways and directions that can be used for telling. The methods can not only be employed for the story you chose to work with, but can be used in your speech and storytelling growth. We will learn from the supportive community.

Radio Show, July 2008My approach to coaching involves myself as a mediator of the coaching session but incorporates the supportive community in helping the development. As a mediator I work to create an environment that allows this voice and ensures the risk taking in a safe cooperative manner with the teller. However, each participant does not serve as an audience, but learns how to encourage and support with comments and welcomed suggestions. This community approach equips tellers to continue to support each other in advanced work together. This approach can transfer to your organization, business, or school.

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I look forward to developing and shaping with you.

Be sure to contact early so we can ensure that you have a place at the next intensive. We look forward to working with you and watching “Permision2Play” work for you.

Kevin has been commissioned for his story work and/or “Permission 2 Play” intensives By:

  • The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington D.C.
  • Department of Corrections, Singapore
  • Fulbright Commission, Japan
  • Newsweek
  • Highlights for Children
  • National Storytelling Network
  • National Storytelling Hall of Fame
  • National Elementary and Secondary School Principals
  • National Association of Social Studies
  • National Council Teachers of English
  • Optimist Organization
  • International Reading Association
  • Singapore Book Council
  • Columbus Area Writing Project
  • along with a host of schools, businesses, and community organizations.

Everyone has a story to tell. Kevin helps you not only tell it, but experience new ways to share it!